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The Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Roundup: Halfway There

by The Finished Space

We are at the halfway point of Calling It Home’s Spring 2018 One Room Challenge™, and we’re following up on all the design bloggers’ progress.

We’re excited to see their design concepts really coming together, and we’re beginning to see how these rooms will layout to become functional, yet astonishing spaces.

Let’s start with the bloggers who have begun to use trim and doors in their spaces, shall we?

Hat Tip: Coco & Jack | Week Two; Week Three

Alyssa and Steve are continuing to make progress in crafting the ultimate playroom for their children. The past two weeks, Steve has been busy removing drywall, as well as vertically installing our Complete Pre-Painted Shiplap. Meanwhile, Alyssa has been choosing finishings for the space including our flat stock as baseboard, and as casing for the windows, and Very Square Rift Cut Oak Doors. With plans to paint the trim white, she has also chosen a playful rug and whimsical wallpaper.

Hat Tip: The Gold Hive | Week Two; Week Three

With Ashley’s bedroom renovation leaving her to temporarily live in the den of her home, she’s made great strides with this bedroom makeover. So far, she has completed the rewiring of the space and closed off the door between the bedroom and kitchen in order to maximize storage, and create a more open-concept. She has also created an amazing how-to video on installing board and batten, using our regional pine lattice. From selecting a style to priming and painting, this tutorial can certainly come in handy for fellow DIYers!

Hat Tip: Jenna Sue Design Co. | Week Two; Week Three

Jenna is getting closer to the French Bohemian bedroom of her dreams, now that her French Curves doorsand free-spirited decor have arrived. After completing a revamp of both her bed frame and wardrobe, she is starting to layout the decorative side of the room. For the doors, she plans to accompany them with vintage knobs. She also has a beaded chandelier, bamboo shades, and white velvet drapes to really embody the boho-french-romantic vibe!

Hat Tip: Rambling Renovators | Week Two; Week Three

Jennifer has finalized the layout and design plan for her master bedroom and the goal is to have a space that ultimately exudes coziness and serenity. Previously, she was troubleshooting her coved ceiling and short doors and has now found a solution for both. She has decided to paint everything, including the ceiling, from the walls to trim, white. Her closet and ensuite doors will also be replaced with Masonite’s Logan doors, and framed with our Very Square baseboard and casing, along with the windows. For the decor and furniture, she’s hoping for a mix of masculine and feminine, that we believe will pair perfectly with her choice of wallpaper and fabrics, full of contrasting textures and patterns.

Hat Tip: Marcus Design | Week Two; Week Three

Nancy’s room makeover for her son is bursting with blue! Her choice to combine the navy crown mouldingwith grasscloth wall-covering, was a bold, but ultimately a rewarding decision, for it looks stunningly unique! We are also eager to see the contrasting red scattered throughout the room. Based on her gorgeous moodboard, we are anticipating this bedroom will only become even more beautiful once the decorative items are inside of it.

Hat Tip: Natasha Habermann Studio | Week Two; Week Three

Natasha’s living room and foyer, that she previously described as dull, certainly are not anymore! With black painted doors, surrounded by our French Curves baseboard and poplar casing, and walls dressed up with our regional panel mould and vibrant art, this space is becoming more eye-catching by the week. While there’s still painting, caulking to be done, and trim to be added, next on her list is to find a way to make a statement with her staircase.

Hat Tip: The Dreamhouse Project | Week Two; Week Three

Tash and Kes are coming to the rescue for their son’s bland bedroom. After seeing Black Panther, it sparked design inspiration for his superhero themed room. They plan to create a grey geometric feature wall, using our flat stock, with pops of black and yellow throughout the space. We can’t wait to see this wall treatment come to life!

Hat Tip: House By The Bay | Week Two; Week Three

Casey has been hard at work the past few weeks installing drywall and hardwood floors. Not keen on her dining room’s traditional look, she gave this space a contemporary twist by installing new baseboards.  And we have to admit, we’re loving her color choice for this trim!

Hat Tip: The Leslie Style | Week Two; Week Three

Leslie has been keeping busy with her dining room makeover. Her ceiling is looking marvelous after caulking was used to fill exisiting gaps in the home’s original tongue and groove paneling. Additionally, she’s envisioning wainscoting below the window, using Fashion Forward chair rail and baseboard, for added architectural interest. And above the windows? Our French Curves architrave! Leslie also has a decision to make on elegant dishware to complete her vision of a glamorous tablescape.

Hat Tip: Sarah Gunn | Week Two; Week Three

In order to create a space that reflects her childhood by the ocean, Sarah set out to find the perfect combination of patterns and decor. For her coastal-inspired bedroom she’s diving into a tranquil palette including a soft blue, she plans to paint for her closet door, and a blush dresser. She is now in the midst of designing a fully functional, walk-in closet complete with a stunning marble mural.

Check out how the rest of the bloggers’ are making headway in their spaces: 

Hat Tip: The Painted House | Week Two; Week Three

Angela’s checking off boxes on her to-do list for the upper level of her cottage home garage. This space is looking more and more like a beautiful guest suite, now that the skylights have been put in, offering a beautiful view of treetops. After confirming the palette she wants to go with, yellow, blue and a mix of florals, she’s selected beautiful wall prints and blue furniture to reflect just that. With our Option {M} Modern Farmhouseshiplap arriving soon, we can’t wait to see it installed in this space, mimicking the tongue and groove also found inside the cottage.

Hat Tip: Beginning in The Middle | Week Two; Week Three

Hat Tip: Beginning in The Middle | Week Two; Week Three

Husband and wife team, Catherine and Bryan, have their decor and finishing plans set, and are ready to put them in motion. While they have decided to keep the mantle of the fireplace intact, the stone ledger and paint has been removed and stripped to make way for gorgeous mosaic tile. To achieve a bold and fun vibe, they are diving into a mix of neutral and colorful furniture, brass accents, and greenery, accompanied by hardwood floors, bold wallpaper, and our Fashion Forward Collection.

Hat Tip: Erin Kestenbaum | Week Two; Week Three 

Erin focused her attention the past few weeks on installing in her master bathroom, from drywall and insulation, to cement board flooring. With the foundation and layout ready, this space is ready for new fixtures and finishings. Additionally, brackets for a floating marble shower bench have also been put in place, which we have no doubt will perfectly pair with her plans for marble herringbone, for a timeless look.

Hat Tip: Deeply Southern Home | Week Two; Week Three

Leslie revealed a nearly complete and painted library wall, and it looks oh-so stunning! All that’s left are cabinet doors, and moulding to frame it. Meanwhile, the layout of her fireplace is in place and the antique arch has been sanded, painted, and primed. We are imagining how magnificent this fireplace will look with her selection of black hex marble tile. Her next steps are to refinish the doors of the office, install the tile, and choose the artwork that will be over husband’s desk; she’s picturing something sepia-toned.

Hat Tip: Decor Happy | Week Two; Week Three

After her followers weighed in on her choice of which wallpaper and shower curtain to go with, Vanessa now has her design inspiration and moodboard set for her daughter’s bathroom. Now that the bathroom demo is done, Vanessa envisions lavender walls (at her daughter’s request), surrounded by champagne bronze finishes and a statement shower curtain.

Checking in on these spaces, only conveyed a teaser of what’s to come. Be sure to check back soon as we present the final reveals of every design bloggers’ space. We have a feeling these makeovers aren’t something you’ll want to miss!

In case you missed it, here’s the full recap of these design bloggers’ journeys:

The Spring 2018 One Room Challenge Roundup: The Beginning

Be sure to check back here, or on social, @officialmetrie, to stay in the loop.